Monday, September 9, 2013

Astrological Winds for Week of 9-9-2013

The Uranus/Pluto square continues to be the major aspect of these historical times and it is being triggered hard by Jupiter in a T-square. Mercury will create a Grand Cross again with these three late this week, so stuff is really going to fly in world events this week. Three of our top stories are reaching levels of breaking and are cause for much concern. The continuing crisis in Syria, which I’ve blogged about multiple times in this space, is headed for its climax in early 2014 – this event has the potential to start World War III in my opinion if allowed to continue to spiral as it is these days. Violence will only beget more violence here and things could quickly get out of control. Peace and a new approach is the only answer, but humanity may be incapable of achieving that currently. Meanwhile, radiation levels continue to climb in Japan to their highest points yet ( in the event that ushered in the Uranus/Pluto square on the day Uranus went into Aries. As someone remarked to me recently: “2012 may have really happened (with Fukushima) but it’s just taking time for it all to unwind.” Finally, every week more documents from Snowden and Wikileaks show how devious our own government has been spying on citizens and other countries including allies. The loss of trust but the American public is reaching levels that could explode out in mass protest soon and evidence points that the US government is preparing the military to crush the very citizens they are supposed to be protecting. Mercury in Libra can be a declaration of war when in stress, and a Grand Cross is as stressful as you can get. This week is bound to be full of distressing news for the general populace.

Monday starts the week in a very heavy mode. First off Mercury ingresses into Libra setting the stage for the Cardinal Grand Cross I mentioned above. This can bring mental indecision, as the mind jumps from one conclusion to another and can understand both points of view, and thus can get stuck in a quagmire when trying to make a choice. This is good for back and forth negotiations, striking deals, an objective assessment of situations, and keeping a balanced mind. There is an increased intellectual interest in the arts and beautifying surroundings. People’s tastes will be more refined. Words can be used to soothe others or to be diplomatic with. Relationship issues can be talked out. However, this day will be a heavy one as a fixed square forms among Moon/Saturn in Scorpio and Mars in Leo. Actions will be challenged and restricted by authorities/superiors/police/military. It may be hard to get going today physically, as things keep blocking you or your body doesn’t cooperate. People will be in general irritated/frustrated/resentful/struggling. Fears of inadequacy may pop up and block us. Suspicion of other’s motives will be high. Fights can easily break out. The best way to use this energy is to take on some physical task that requires discipline and a slow approach. Vesta ingresses into Virgo today also putting a focus on work performance. People may get critical of your work and some work relationships may be harmed. It is possible to be quite efficient in our work duties. This can also favor sexual relationships that are a service to others. Overall, this will be a very challenging day full of many physical blockages and depressed attitudes/emotions.

Venus goes into Scorpio where the Goddess is in detriment, as relationships get emotionally intense in both positive and negative ways. It is easy to get obsessive/possessive with loved ones or objects of our desire. This will either turn people off or on to you. For lovers, this can really deepen relationships to beyond this world levels. For imbalanced relationships, things can get very edgy, even dangerous under this influence. People will prefer to be with those they really trust now and may cut down on superficial relating/friends in order to focus on who counts to them the most. Mars quincunx Pluto is the biggest aspect of this day and continues to churn up some intense energy. People will be overly willful and their energy in being so will be jagged in nature. They will be feeling as if the odds are stacked against them somehow and they can get quite aggressive in their anger at feeling this way. Be careful of violent people or places today as it could be easy to become the victim of someone’s rage. This also indicates that we are being forced to change with changing circumstances in our environment. This can be quite hectic. However, it does give great endurance to do what we must when change comes and make the adjustments we need to. Another day where physical challenges have us frustrated and have us upset.

Wednesday starts a bit foggy with a Mercury/Neptune quincunx clouding up thinking and communications. Many people will live in their own world of fantasy over reality now. This can also make us very sensitive to our environment and others and easily influenced. It’s best to spend this time quietly alone in some meditative state. However, later in the day a Grand Trine in Fire forms among Moon in Sagittarius, Mars in Leo, and Uranus in Aries. This can really get us going both mentally and physically as our ideas feed our actions and can push us to some new edge/breakthrough that is beneficial to our well-being/sense of self. Overall this can be an exciting, active day.

Thursday’s only big event is a First Quarter square of the Moon in Sagittarius to the Sun in Virgo. The emotional side of us is looking for something new and exciting to do to keep us inspired about life, yet the ego/self wants to hold back either out of shyness, fear, negative self-criticism/judgment. Which side will win out is the question we each must ponder.

There are 6 lunar aspects on Friday that area mixed bag, so it could be an emotional roller coaster type day that is packed with much to process. Most challenging is the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and square Uranus firing up the Uranus/Pluto square energy. Relationships that restrict will be struck against suddenly and independently. Moon/Mercury square shows many arguments/disagreements may ensue. Fortunately, a Venus/Neptune trine should take much of the edge off. This combo harmonizes lower (conditional) and higher (unconditional) love and brings compassion and empathy for others. Soulmates may meet. This can also get us artistically creative zones.

Saturday and Sunday are the exact peak of the Grand Cross among Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto. This may be a very challenging weekend full of multiple issues to deal with. People will be very intense and provocative in their communications and may tear each other up intellectually. They may get obsessive and forceful about their points of view and explosive in communicating them. It will be hard to control your own mind and tongue. Energy may get scattered yet stay intense. New experiences may challenge the mind to question itself and make some hasty changes. Interactions with others may be tense and require tough decisions. The best use of this energy would be to get into some study deeply of technology/science/psychology/the occult. Mars trine Uranus on Saturday will feed this energy even more perhaps to frenzied states. This can bring in many new experiences that fire you up. We may try to do things we’ve never done before. This can get you flippant at anyone who thinks they can stand in your way. A day when you can discover a new strong part of you. The Sun’s semi-square to Saturn on Sunday will give us frustration at certain authorities and feed the desire to break free of them. Mercury quincunx Chiron will have us adjusting our attitudes and beliefs from what we’ve just gone though. A very intense weekend overall full of activity and challenge/tension.

Next week has a Full Moon in Pisces and the Autumnal Equinox. Right now, I’m not sure if I will be continuing this blog weekly – the energy of these times has my time pinched, and although I enjoy doing this, it may become a victim of “too much to do in too little time in these modern times.” I’ll definitely check in when I can, but the immediate future is very packed for me with life’s activities. Fare thee well. Pray for peace. Watch your back.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Astrological Winds for Week of 9-2-2013

What a potent Cardinal Grand Cross these past two weeks! The USA’s decision on what to do about Syria is pushing everyone’s button, and once again is a reflection of the continued dwindling power of the USA’s influence abroad, and the complexity of relationships under this Grand Cross. As I’ve mentioned before Syria is a perfect example of the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square in action, as rebels (Uranus) try to take down those in power (Pluto). With transiting Pluto now exactly conjunct the Sun in Syria’s natal chart and quincunx natal Pluto in the 10th house, it seems the final stand of Assad is about to reach a climax point. Soon afterwards, Pluto will conjunct the I/C meaning major transformations of the homeland. Transiting Uranus is also conjunct the Syrian Descendant indicating a shake up by allies and open enemies. Venus going across the Ascendant this past week bought a little extra time for Assad, but it seems inevitable that the USA will eventually attack Syria and begin the final down fall of Assad. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus has apparently become the next young, innocent teen star to lose her good girl reputation (or be used by those in power as a great distraction). It seems like 60 years of women’s liberation got nuked on MTV last week with Miley as a willing participant by pushing the button. Talk about Venus/Pluto/Uranus – like wow! Anyway, could all be well-timed distraction, because that same day another story went by that barely raised a blip: photos of US Treasury Department internal documents going back to 1996 showing a collusion between the Federal government and the big banks to purposely crash the US economy! More Venus/Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter there, but we were all too busy watching Miley in her underwear to notice! I could go on and on with examples of this Grand Cross in action. How about our personal lives and how complex/entangled/in crisis they’ve become? Grand Cross in action again.

Thankfully, Venus moves out of orb of the Grand Cross now and we can return to “just” a Cardinal T-square with Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter this week! Yahoo! Actually, a quick look ahead at September shows it will be a fairly mellow month astrologically, although Mercury will get to Libra and form a Grand Cross with Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter mid-month, but it won’t be as tight as the one just passed with Venus. As for this week, it’s a relatively quiet one – maybe we can catch up a bit.

Monday, Labor Day, may be a bit odd for a holiday with a Moon/Saturn square showing many of us may have to work or perform duties for others that sacrifices much of our own potential enjoyment of this day, and a Mercury/Mars semi-square indicates many of us may be feeling quite frustrated by that and may tell others off/get argumentative/be in general a bit testy. It is good for doing intellectual work or paperwork type stuff by yourself. Mars quincunx Neptune can suck the physical energy right out of us and have us a bit down in the dumps, unable to stand up for ourselves, ill, or just discouraged in general. Overall, this can be a tiresome day full of unwanted duties that have us down physically/mentally and resentful.

Tuesday has a Sun/Chiron opposition and a Sun/Uranus quincunx, which together can have many of us decide/choose to fight for our rights and the rights of others and try to make the world a better place for all. This can cause opposition from authorities and even wounding of some kind. People will be very impatient with rules and will be edgy and ready to break free to do their own thing. There could be some major upsets in world events today. Overall, a day we may make some move toward freedom from old wounds and ways.

A Moon/Neptune opposition on Wednesday can dissipate energy and bring deceptions. Mercury semi-square Saturn indicates some frustrating restricted communications with others, especially authorities. This can give us a depressed/negative outlook, but a practical, concise mind. Mars opposite Juno shows partners may get in some serious disagreements/fights today also. Overall, a day that can be quite frustrating/disappointing.

A New Moon at 13* Virgo is the biggest event of the week on Thursday. This is a time when we’d like some order/discipline/precision in our lives. A time we need a rulebook to live by in order to make sure things get done right. We can get in hyper-critical/judgmental mindset. This is a time of service to others and the world, of trying to make things right, of harvesting what we’ve planted prior to this time. Look to the house in your chart where this New Moon falls to see where it will affect you personally the most. Any planets or points in your chart it aspects (2* orb only!) will flavor its energy for you too. Neptune opposite Ceres shows the continuing confusion and victimization over resources around the world and what can be done about it. This is a good day tom use to decide where you want to use your gifts to help yourself/others/the world to bring in healing.

Very quiet day on Friday with Moon entering Libra in time for the weekend, making it a very social one most likely for most of us.

A Sun/Jupiter sextile on Saturday should take some of the edge off a Grand Cross formed by Moon in Libra/Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter. There will be lots to do today, most likely too much, and you may try to resist or go your own way at some point. The Sun/Jupiter sextile may bring some lucky/positive opportunity your way. It’s usually good for being with others, relationships with those in power, group activities, and waxing philosophical. A very busy day that may get intense at times, but overall gets you up/optimistic.

Sunday is quiet too with a Moon/Venus conjunction making it likely a pleasant day in some way best shared with others in beautiful surroundings. Enjoy!

Mercury and Venus change signs next week and by the weekend Mercury forms another Grand Cross involving Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto – rhetoric will reach a fever pitch. Stay tuned.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Astrological Winds for Week of 8-26-2013

The Cardinal Grand Cross currently active in the heavens and that I mentioned last week indeed has the events of the world seeming to be spiraling to breaking points and at a point of wondering what one is most important to deal with. However, the Grand Cross indicates they could all be linked to one and other and that by focusing on one, solutions for the others will appear. A Grand Cross is four squares, so it is a material world crisis, and if the foundations of that material world are built upon a problematic system to begin with, it is bound to reach the point of multiple crisis’ going on at once, as we have today, for the underlying reality is, it is all connected – at least as symptoms of a dis-eased reality in this case. Witness some of the issues of the world in the past week that all are in need of immediate solutions: highly radioactive water bursting from storage containers in Fukushima, Japan and bringing the nuclear crisis there back up to threatening levels with no one with any clear answer as to what to do next; Saudi Arabia, Israel, and France all going against the USA’s wishes and continuing to give aid to the Egyptian military which has seized power back from the Muslim Brotherhood (another example of USA’s progressed Mars going retrograde and the continuing eroding of its influence in world politics); the arrest of Badie, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood; police and firefighters and city council members joining a solidarity sing in protest in Madison, WI seeking justice for the poor and afflicted; and now the USA accusing Syria of using chemical weapons and threatening to invade and start up the next in its ongoing series of Mid-East wars (that will no doubt end in Iran someday) that pushes the world closer to a third world war conflict every time it reaches a crisis point. These are only some of the stories going on now, and I know from talking to others, many of our personal lives are feeling torn apart by multiple serious issues as well. These are trying times indeed – ones that have us question all we base our current reality upon.

Everything I blogged about the Grand Cross last week is highly active this week still: a peak started last Saturday when Venus was exactly opposite Pluto, and on Monday Venus has its exact square to Uranus (and also a quincunx to Chiron) which can really shake and break relationships: the same old people moaning about the same old things will be the objects of our rebellion (Saturn square Juno also). We want something new and excitingly stimulating now! People can be quite flirtatious, disruptive, upsetting within relationships. This is a day you should try to do something new or you will rebel against loved ones. However a Sun/Neptune opposition today could dissipate energy quite a bit and we may actually not feel like doing much physically. This is also the energy of being deceived by others or being forced to make decisions without much clarity to rely on while doing so. It may be very difficult to trust others and their motivations today and you could end up quite disappointed. Watch for being a victim or falling into a victim’s trap. This can also make us very off in our judgment of others by being overly idealistic or dishonest with ourselves. Overall, a confusing day where we could lose faith in others and rebel against them in some way.

Tuesday the Grand Cross remains super potent also as Venus makes the last exact aspect to the other three planets involved by squaring Jupiter – normally this is an easy square that can make us overly indulgent/extravagant/lazy/over-budget, but tied into Grand Cross it likely will make people more sensitive to others and ruffle feelings, and continue to have us make some poor judgments. Mercury’s sextile to Saturn will help us cut through some of the issues however, as the mind can be sharp and wise under this influence and has the opportunity to correct many mistakes. This is good for learning/teaching also. The mind can have great focus on details with this energy. Mars ingresses into Leo today also for the next seven weeks. This can get ego energy going strongly and people could get overly prideful, arrogant, self-righteous. However it does give much courage and confidence and can put you in leadership positions where you really believe you have everyone’s best interests at heart and will fight stubbornly to defend yourself and other’s interests. This is a time where you can really get into being yourself/who you truly are, but you can get emotionally disconnected somewhat because of the front you are putting up.

A 3rd Quarter Square of the Moon in Gemini to the Sun in Virgo could make Wednesday a tense day, as the emotional need to connect with others far and wide, and mainly superficially, goes up against the self/will’s desire to get into things deeply and cut the fat/waste out, and be more introverted as far as others are concerned. A Mercury/Pluto trine will tip the scales in favor of the pragmatic/incisive approach – this is a great aspect to use the mind to get into something deeply, research, depth work, occult work, self-analysis leading to transformations, and intellectually stimulating encounters. Your mind can get narrow/one-pointed however. Ceres ingresses into Virgo today too which will have us give nurturance to others through service or a skill, just be watchful of getting overly critical of loved ones and their faults.

Mercury is opposite Chiron and quincunx Uranus on Thursday: Mercury/Chiron urges us to see other’s points of view before making any decisions, or could get us in a student/teacher relationship that helps soothe the mind. Mercury/Uranus gives a jumpy mind that can get a bit nerve-wracked and makes it hard to focus. You may come up with some good ideas but it may be able to hard to hold onto them. Sun sextile Saturn will help stabilize the energy and you will be able to get much work done, get/give advice, and do your duties willingly and with a good attitude.

There’s a nice Grand Trine in Water on Friday among Moon in Cancer, Saturn, and Neptune promising a nice flow to this day. Mercury sextile Jupiter makes it a good day to make plans for the future as you see the Big Picture well. The mind is clear and expansive and mental attitude is positive. Good for biz deals and negotiations and travel. Also, the mind is quite stimulated by ideas today that broaden understanding and make life interesting.

Saturday should be a sweet day with a Moon/Jupiter conjunction, Moon/Venus square, and Moon/Mercury sextile – a day to have fun on/indulge yourself/socialize/etc.

September starts on Sunday with a Sun/Pluto trine that can give some powerful experiences that spur you on to want to change your life in some way. Once again, this is good energy to look within with to help reform yourself. You and others can have powerful influence on each other’s lives. This is a day you can use your power to achieve much headway. Venus sesiquadrate Neptune is a nice Sunday aspect to float away on just being passive/lazy/relaxed/artistic. People may get a bit sensitive emotionally or overly idealistic about others or situations. Weak relationships could fizzle out.

After some very heavy astrological weather these past few weeks, next week we should get a respite as a New Moon in Virgo is the biggest event of the week.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Astrological Winds for Week of 8-19-2013

This past week has seen more intense events in the world as Jupiter in Cancer triggers Uranus/Pluto square, with the situation in Egypt being in the forefront, as the Egyptian army tries to act like the manipulative parent in trying to control the chaos of revolution and power struggles playing out in the streets through the citizens. As I suspected, this also has led to some positive developments in relation to Uranus/Pluto and these chaotic times – two examples would be the softening stance on crime, as mandatory minimum sentences especially for non-violent offenses, was ordered to be reviewed and to give more discretion to local judges to decide if the crime’s sentencing guidelines should be so strictly adhered to, and the order of a Federal judge that New York City’s “stop & frisk” law is highly discriminatory/unconstitutional and needs to be reviewed. Add to this the continuing softening public stance on marihuana/drug laws. The other example is the Moral Monday movement that has begun in North Carolina bringing back memories of Occupy, the 99%, and the Madison sit ins. North Carolina residents sick of being misrepresented by their own legislature and governor have been rallying at the capital every Monday in the thousands, led by ministers, to have government and laws start protecting the truly needy, rather than just the powerfully well-connected few.

Three minor aspects lead off this week on Monday. The Sun semi-square Jupiter can be uplifting, but optimism may not be well-founded, as the costs of expansion may hit us in some frustrating ways. It’s easy to overspend, get passive, or get overly self-righteous under this influence and pay the price for it later. It also may be possible that you have much to do today that you overextend yourself and don’t end up doing anything well/complete, and thus only make little or partial headway. Sun sesiquadrate Uranus may be a reaction to these above frustrations, as we may get the urge to get away from it all/make a break for it that only trips us up even more most likely. Expect some upset today that will change the course of your plans. It may be difficult to get along with others as everyone seems restless/agitated. Watch for accidents and breakdowns too. This energy is asking us to seek new solutions for old annoying problems/issues. Venus quincunx Neptune may give us some beautiful or artistically inspired moment. The biggest issue with this aspect is being overly idealistic in matters of the heart. This is a day where you or others could use some extra emotional support or service to/from others. You may deny your own needs, feel unworthy of love, or be disappointed by others also.

Tuesday is a Full Moon at 28* Aquarius – this Full Moon pits self-expression versus the needs of the group within us. The Sun in Leo needs to express its individuality/self/essence through the unique gifts we have and get some recognition for it, while the Moon in Aquarius frowns upon this flamboyant energy and prefers to keep mentally balanced and connected with others in working on issues of equality and justice. Both positions can be quite stubborn/set in their ways. This Full Moon wants us to find equilibrium between heart and mind centered approaches to our lives – to use our gifts to benefit all and help restore our world to bountiful and just times, to become a modern day hero, and to claim your own birthright. Look to the houses in your chart this Full Moon falls into to see what area s of life it affects you the most in – any planet it makes tight aspects to in your chart will also flavor its energy for you. Mercury sesiquadrate Pluto will give us much deep insight today and perhaps help us find new ways to approach intense issues. We may overly obsess on some idea today and try to force our viewpoint on others, mainly unsuccessfully. This is best used to look deep within yourself or to study depth subject matter like psychology, the occult, etc.

Wednesday is the exact square of Jupiter to Uranus – this has big explosive potential in the mundane world. There may be sudden shocking events that can be viewed as either positive or negative. The pressure to change across all aspects of life will be great/reaching a highly tense point. The desire to break free from past constraints can get overwhelming and explode outwards. It really depends on your attitude and what you are seeking on how you will feel/react to this energy and the events associated with it. This may enflame many of the stressed areas of the world to boiling points (as we see in Egypt). Uranus sesiquadrate to Ceres shows issues of resources is what’s driving much of this energy. Jupiter trine Chiron may help here however by giving you some mind-expanding insights to how it all fits together and stoke the fires of compassion in action and teaching those who haven’t filled in all the blanks yet.

Mercury’s sesiquadrate to Uranus, semi-square to Jupiter, and conjunction to Ceres while Jupiter also semi-squares Ceres will keep the Jupiter/Uranus square energy boiling on Thursday. The energy I mentioned above in relation to these planets will remain acutely active today. The mind will be tied up in trying to figure out new solutions to resource issues and will find many frustrating blockages or dead ends. The Sun ingresses into Virgo for next month bringing the time of harvest in the Northern Hemisphere. A time when we can become more exacting, critical, intricate in our approach, and want to tighten/neaten up our life somewhat. This is a good time to do detailed work with the mind or hands. It’s also a good time to pay attention to our diet/health, and we may find ourselves in service to others more frequently than normal also. Venus trine Juno can bring some sweet moments for partners to share.

Friday Mercury follows the Sun into Virgo, where the Winged Messenger has rulership and exaltation and we can tap into our genius potential more easily. The mind is complicated/complex and brilliant now with the ideas it can get to work on. It has sharp critical faculties that can weed out what’s important from what’s extraneous. This is a good time for study, intellectual pursuits, detailed paper/tech work, etc. Mars sesiquadrate Chiron can be bumpy – some physical ailment or injury may come up, or there may just be many things standing in our way and what we want to do today.

Saturday Venus square Pluto tightens up a Cardinal Grand cross among the two of them and Uranus and Jupiter. This can be a highly tense time with so many issues pulling at us and challenging us simultaneously that we may feel like we are being pulled apart by them and unclear as to which one to deal with first. Venus/Pluto indicates relationships may be the main stress point as some of them may be revealing some deep, dark spaces/behaviors/secrets. Relationships that are stressed are likely to breakdown now or at the very least go through some irreversible changes. Power trips, manipulation, emotional warfare, fear, and guilt trips will be weapons that people access and use against one and other. For others, the challenge may be the desire to deepen a relationship and the effect that will have on transforming/fitting into your life. The key is to focus on one thing at a time when so many issues are grabbing for our attention today – by doing so it allows energy tom move forward on all fronts. The Sun conjunct Mercury in Virgo may help us figure ways to do this in detail. This can indicate many interactions with others, but overly subjective thinking by all, as everyone seems to want to get their point across at once. This is helpful with tech/paper work and planning/organizing skills and travel.

There’s 6 lunar aspects packing the day on Sunday, but it’s led by a Mercury/Neptune opposition, which can have us make some poor or deluded decisions. Our minds will be deceived/confused easily today. What we may think or sense may be off, but it’s also possible to get deeper spiritual understanding/insight under this influence. Thoughts are abstract and ideal today, and thus connections with others will be squishy.

This is a week of dense and powerful astrological energy – events in the world and our lives will be intense and reach some new apexes that will spur change – be prepared/ready.

The Cardinal Grand Cross continues through next week and Mars heads off for Leo in what is another dense week of astrological weather ahead. The times are indeed changing in the fast lane these days.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Astrological Winds for Week of 8-12-2013

Interesting to note that on the day of the exact Jupiter opposite Pluto the Dream 9 were released – Jupiter’s exaltation in Cancer no doubt helped push authorities (Pluto) to make the caring decision to let them return home.

Also, the fall of big sports star Alex Rodriguez, among other baseball players, for playing while using performance enhancing drugs is an example of Mars in Fall in Cancer aided by Pluto/Uranus no doubt.

This week starts off pretty quiet astrology wise on Monday. A late night Moon in Scorpio conjunction to Saturn may have us disciplined until late just getting what we have to done on this day. (This conjunction will be visible outside too if not too cloudy – worth checking out along with the Perseid Meteors!)

Tuesday is a Mercury/Pluto day as they quincunx each other and are both aspected by the Moon in Scorpio (square to Mercury/sextile to Pluto). This energy can be subtle, yet deep and heavy. The mind is scheming and complex and internalized. It can see to the bottom of things and has power in doing so. This is excellent for research and development. However many people like to play mind games with others with this energy that can result in some complicated and subtle power trips, secretive behavior, suspicions of others and vice versa, deceptions and misunderstandings, mysterious demeanors, etc. Others may experience this as a time of deep changes from letting go of old behaviors/patterns/control. This may alter the way you think. Mercury is also opposite Juno, so partners may have some serious disagreements today or be the ones who play out the Mercury/Pluto energy on each other. A bumpy day mentally and emotionally for sure.

Wednesday has an early 1st Quarter Square of the Moon in Scorpio to the Sun in Leo – the emotions want to hole up in some deep, dark, secretive space, yet the ego wants to go out and shine/be unique/draw attention. It’s another day with lots of Mercury energy going on too: Mercury is trine Uranus, quincunx Chiron and square the Nodes. Mercury trine Uranus can bring many quick and sudden strokes of genius – the mind should be humming along. Some of these ideas can be quite significant so take notes! You will also be interested in new intriguing experiences that fire up the mind and take you away from the familiar, as you will be bored of the routine. It also favors working with science, math, technology, the occult, and the sharing of ideas with others. Mercury’s quincunx to Chiron says that if we are open to some of these ideas from Mercury/Uranus, we will be able to let go of outdated ideas and systems ad redefine our mental attitude. Mercury’s square to the Nodes shows the importance of dealing with others too – the challenge of meeting our goals and being able to blend that with other’s goals can bring much tension and disagreement. How can we find new ways to do so?

The Moon/Mercury/Uranus energy continues throughout Thursday as they form a Grand Trine in Fire that should absolutely stoke inspiring ideas, shifting values and philosophies, ideas in action, etc. Mercury semi-square Venus shows we want to share these ideas with others too, but they may have a hard time keeping up with us, which can be a bit frustrating. Pluto has its second (retrograde) hit to a sesiquadrate with Ceres, keeping challenging issues of resource scarcity upon us, and asking us to find new ways to approach these pressing issues.

Venus ingresses into Libra on Friday, a sign the Goddess rules and is most comfortable in socializing with others and the appreciation of aesthetics in art and environment. Social life energy should pick up for most people these next few weeks. It is a good time to re-decorate your home/surroundings. A time to beautify your life somehow. The Sun sesiquadrate Pluto can make this a bit of a bumpy day with authorities or being haunted by your own behavior patterns/learned behaviors. It is a day to consider making some changes/finding some new approaches to old, continuous challenges. His can also be a day fraught with mechanical issues.

Saturday can be an emotionally charged day as the Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus. Deeply intense issues may rise to the surface and the desire to make a break for it will be strong. Sun conjunct Ceres in Leo helps us to care for others by urging them to express themselves/believe in themselves and their ability to make it in this world.

On Sunday a Moon/Mars opposition says it’s a good day to go and be active in some sport or adventure with another/others. Mercury conjunct Vesta will help foster an intellectual connection with those you share this activity with through some shared ritual(s) and ideas associated with said activity.

Next week, the astrological weather picks up with a Full Moon in Aquarius, Jupiter’s exact square to Uranus, while the Sun and Mercury go hand in hand into Virgo.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Astrological Winds for Week of 8-5-2013

Lots of examples of Mars square to Uranus and opposite Pluto last week, as individual acts of rebellion are leading to tough decisions and sparring sides:

-another document Snowden released to the Guardian shows that the NSA could tap into the body of any e mail almost anyone has sent in the world.

-Russia granting asylum to Snowden despite the US’s protests after the Bradley Manning convictions and Snowden’s father travelling to Russia to ask for asylum for his son and using Manning as an example of how Snowden would be treated by the US once he was back in the government’s hands.

-the city of Richmond, CA using eminent domain to reclaim underwater houses from banks who refuse to give the previous owners better mortgage terms -  now other cities are starting to consider the same legal maneuver.

-USA and Canada being told by the Latin American country leaders that they are not needed for anything by them including trade.

-immigration protests around the US in support of the Dream Act 9.

-announcement by the Justice Department that it was going after Texas and any other state under Resolution 3 of the Voting Act that is trying to limit voting rights with new strict laws by having a Federal takeover of voting in those states doing so.

Monday is relatively quiet although the Moon goes into Leo, but as it’s squared by Saturn, its normal boisterousness may be held somewhat in check. There’s also two significant asteroid aspects: Jupiter conjunct Pallas Athene and Sun conjunct Vesta. Jupiter/Pallas should broaden ideas on big social problems/challenges. The problem will be in getting too one-sided and protective of what we see because of our philosophy/values/beliefs. Sun/Vesta can bring a dedication in our lives to an ideal, and a focus on the group relationship to self, rather than individual relationships to self.

Tuesday is a New Moon at 14-15* Leo. This is a time when we are being called upon to ignite the world around us with the unique gifts/talents that we were born with, and to realize each person plays an equally important part in the dance of life. If we allow our gifts to remain unused out of self-consciousness, then we have defeated ourselves and the world around us will fall into decay. We will all want some attention in some way and our willing to “display our wares” in order to get it. This New Moon trines Uranus, so there will be an extra push to be unique, extra-ordinary, try something new. We can discover something new and exciting about ourselves now. Look to the house in your natal chart that this New Moon falls into to see what area of life is ready for a new spark. Any aspects it makes to other planets/points in your chart will also flavor this New Moon’s energy for you.

Mercury sesiquadrate Chiron may make it hard to learn our lessons today, even if we are willing to. Pluto opposite Pallas Athene can bring obsessive ideas and behavior by self and/or others, and can also bring power struggles surrounding creativity or even sexuality.

Wednesday begins the biggest aspect of the month getting tight as Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto and locks into a Cardinal T-Square all month with Uranus. Obviously, this will keep the Uranus/Pluto square energy extra potent all month and it can act in different ways. Jupiter in Cancer is exalted and strong, and Jupiter is also the greater beneficent planet, so this can also be quite helpful in using the powerful Uranus/Pluto energy to the way we approach helping others on a large social scale. However, the negative side of Cancer is being over protective of those and what we love, overly nationalistic about our homeland, manipulation of others for the benefit of self, and selfishness about resources. This also indicates strong political battles in the mundane world, so the continued divisiveness in US politics and other nations as well will continue at an increased rate most likely. Some can get quite abusive in their use of power under this influence, as the desire to get ahead can be obsessive. Religious fanaticism can also flame up strongly. Watch for getting into power trips yourself in your own life.

Mercury ingresses into Leo on Thursday finally leaving the waters of Cancer after an extra long stay there due to retrograde motion. We can very egotistical about our ideas and communicating them under this influence – stubbornness, foolish pride, self-righteousness, arrogance – may come out of our mouths. We have a need to be right, so to speak. This is good for leading others in making some big plans and putting lots of effort into fixing intellectual problems. You can get really inspired/fired up about your own creative ideas! Venus semi-square Saturn can bring some frustrating blockages in relationships. People may be conservative/reserved with each other and unable to get what they want from each other. We can feel isolated even in the midst of others. You can also be victimized by authorities/superiors also. Best to get some down time alone if you’re feeling this way.

Friday is pretty mellow although a mid-afternoon Moon/Venus conjunction can get us ready for a fun, social weekend.

Saturday is pretty quiet too with a Mercury/Neptune quincunx being the biggest aspect of the day. This can bring unclear or confusing communications. You may choose to spend this day living in your own mind’s fantasy. This can also make us very sensitive to others/our environment and we may need to separate ourselves/take a break from them. You may lose confidence in your own thinking process somehow too.

Sunday can be intense due to all that’s going on around us as the Moon in Libra locks into a Cardinal Grand Cross with Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter/Mars. It will be difficult to balance everything demanding your attention today and the best choice is just to focus on one thing/issue. Mercury square Saturn can get us very conservative intellectually. It will be hard to communicate with others and feel satisfied. Delays in plans may occur. You could get depressed/dwell on negative thoughts. It’s best to use this energy to work on detailed work that requires a critical mind. Mars sesiquadrate Neptune can sap our physical energy, and combined with Mercury/Saturn our mental energy too, as we can easily sink into feelings of hopelessness and victimization. It will be easy to be discouraged/down now. If we try to get around this day dishonestly, we may easily be flushed out by others and only compound our problems, which can be even more demoralizing. It would be best to spend most of this day alone relaxing as best you can.

Next week we are in the middle of Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus, but Venus will enter Libra, a sign the Goddess enjoys immensely!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Astrological Winds for Week of 7-29-13

Some of the examples in the mundane world this past week of the astrological weather of the times:

-another well in the Gulf blows: this seems to really be tied to the Saturn/Neptune cycle – every time they make a major aspect, there are environmental issues with oil at sea. This time the trine allowed more pressure that had built up to blow out and move! Fortunately, the trine reflected that it was only gas this time and not oil like during the quincunx.

-nine Dreamers (children born of illegal immigrants) cross into Mexico purposely in order to protest delays in immigration reform and try to re-cross back to USA and are detained: this is a great example of Uranus in Aries challenging the system, as represented by Pluto in Capricorn.

-the release of Zimmerman even though he instigated the attack upon himself that he claims was self-defense and used a questionable law in doing so; the use of drones to go after suspected terrorists and the killing of innocent bystanders while doing so deemed acceptable; the spying and holding of citizens in order to stop “some possible future crime” used as an excuse to collect data on every American/person in the world; - all of this sets very dangerous precedents and is represented by Pluto in Capricorn: plutocrats on a power trip/ruling the world through restrictive force.

Then we have Mars in Cancer (fall) showing the falling of an empire this week through:

-the revelation that 4 out of 5 Americans are in or in danger of falling into poverty. (Pluto exposing the secrets of plutocracy: that it benefits very few)

-the financial collapse of Detroit, one of the biggest cities in the USA – the failure of capitalism as a healthy model for most.

-the revelation by a former agent that the CIA kidnapped a Muslim cleric illegally and without permission of the government in Italy in 2003, and then tortured and held him for 4 years despite knowing he was innocent. (Any wonder why Snowden claims he’ll be tortured and held indefinitely if returned to US, despite what the Attorney General says.)

-another mass shooting, this time in Florida (“stand your ground” didn’t work out too well there – where’s Mr. Zimmerman and his like when someone really needs them?)

As I mentioned last week, the Mars/Pluto/Uranus energy will continue to peak this week as the Mars/Uranus square is exact on Wednesday – open rebellion, civil war, individual acts of courage/violence and assorted blows against the empire should all heighten this week.

Monday is a lively day with 7 lunar aspects to planets headlined by a last quarter square of the Moon in Taurus to the Sun in Leo in a fixed T-square with Saturn in Scorpion and a Grand Trine in Earth from Moon in Taurus to Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. The tension in the T-square will be coming from the Sun in Leo not wanting to be stuck/slowed down by the Taurus Moon and Saturn. This can lead to individual acts of voyeurism or acting out against who or what we perceive is blocking us. Emotions may be stifled/fearful of what might be lost. The Grand Trine in Earth can deepen and stabilize relationships as we can find some comfort/support there. This is also a good aspect to make changes in our environment that are more supportive to who we want to be. Neptune trine Pallas Athene and Saturn (Grand Trine) can help facilitate new forms of alternative or energetic healing by focusing on what you’ve learned or experienced. This can also bring commitment to a certain spiritual or social path or artistic breakthroughs and structure.

Tuesday is the exact trine between Venus and Pluto – a great time to deepen relationships. Emotions within relationships can reach new depths – love can be felt on deep, transformative levels. This is a great day to get insight into yourself through your relationships with others also. This is also a great aspect to work on some soulful art.

As mentioned above, Wednesday is the exact square of Mars/Uranus. On a personal level, this will give us bursts of frenetic, nerve-wracking energy. There will be a great restlessness in the air and actions will not be well thought out. Restrictions will be rebelled against as tolerance reaches a breaking point. Anything we perceive as “the same old” will be scorned. Accidents from moving too quickly and thoughtlessly are quite possible. The best use of this energy is to break your routine purposely and do something physical and different, yet not too hastily. Mercury’s sesiquadrate to Neptune could fog our mind enough somehow so that we may make some wrong decisions and fall victim to Mars/Uranus on the negative side. Mars quincunx to Juno shows our partners may be who we revolt against and need to get some space from.

Thursday may be a very awkward day likely due to the hangover of Mars/Uranus yesterday. It starts with a Sun/Pluto quincunx that has you realize there are changes that you must accommodate and can’t control. This can bring up some intense, odd reactions. It may be impossible to get along with someone and you may just have to accept that. People can be quite stubborn/stuck in their own shit basically from fears and a sense of powerlessness. Mars trine to Chiron is helpful as it can bring us some new solutions to old problems that we can act upon. Venus adds to the weirdness in relationships today with three odd aspects: a quincunx to Uranus that will have us wanting to break from our familiar friends and social groups for something more exciting and risky, yet this can bring a sense of uncertainty and irresponsibility; a quincunx to Pallas Athene may bring some sexual confusion r a disconnect to your normal creative processes; and an opposition to Chiron shows we have many lessons to learn in relationships like how we hurt others and allow them to hurt us. A tough decision involving another may come up today.

Venus sextile Mars on Friday can spice up this weekend with romance or creativity. A great night to go out with friends and party down. Good for investments also. Uranus trine Vesta can help facilitate innovative ideas within group settings. Good for the study of sciences including sacred sciences. We may dedicate ourselves to some vision, ritual, or sexual approach.

Saturday has five lunar aspects making two grand aspect patterns again. The Moon in Cancer makes a Grand Trine with Saturn and Neptune keeping the energy of their trine percolating – I’ve blogged on this energy multiple times in past few months: bringing structure to ideals basically. Then another T-square with a conjunction to Jupiter/Mars opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus keeping the energy of rebellion quite potent. The Sun opposite Juno may have partners at odds/disagreeing/arguing today.

Sunday could be quite dynamic with the Sun trine Uranus. This is a great day to try something new or you may make an exciting discovery. Your mind should be sharp and quite perceptive. Good for study/working with science and technology, including the occult. Sun quincunx Chiron shows that we still need to make some major adjustments to our lives – perhaps Sun/Uranus will give us insight on how.

Next week is led by a New Moon in Leo and Jupiter exactly opposite Pluto.